Saturday, 31 October 2015

Tilicho Tal - highest lake in the world

Tilicho Tal - the highest lake in the world.
Our long trek took in a detour to Tilicho Tal, at 4920 metres the highest lake in the world.

We started walking before it was light, to be there early - apparently the wind is vicious later!
Watching the sun come up behind the mountains was magical.

Path across the landslides.

The walk up was strenuous and slightly scary, having to cross landslides with lots of loose scree, and a huge drop below if you missed your footing.

Strange shaped eroded rocks

We saw amazing eroded rocks and the deep, deep river valley. (Actually the same river that passes by Besisahar - but so different!)

The river far below
Autumn colours by the path, mountains behind
Hard walking but what stunning views!

Tilicho Peak, just over 7000 metres in height

At the top the prayer flags were torn to tatters by the wind.

The stunted grass was decorated with hoar frost.

How different this landscape is; the colours, the vegetation, the terrain. I've never seen anywhere else like it.  All around were beautiful snow-capped mountains.  I hope you find the photos interesting.
Lake Titicho - Ice from the snout of the glacier falling into the lake.

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