Monday, 24 November 2014

Creepy crawlies!


Foreign places often have very interesting looking mini-beast populations and Nepal is no different. Many of the insects I have encountered have been similar to, but often bigger and more colourful, than the same species I have found in the UK.

Here is a selection!
large red beetle.

This black and white moth was feeding on
fruit from a wild tree in the forest

Not quite sure what this creature is, beetle maybe?

Millipede - about 30 cm long
Large praying mantis on the window frame in my flat
and another on my grandsons arm
Large speckled spider on a piece of bamboo.

Dragon fly - during the monsoon time there
were swarms of them in the sky above Besisahar.

However the cockroaches, which seem to plague me in my flat, are so horrible that I have not photographed them!!  Also very common are ants and the mosquitos during the monsoon time make it worth sleeping under a mosquito net.
All in all the small creatures are not too daunting or scary - except cockroaches!!