Monday, 5 October 2015

School farewells

As my 2 year placement here in rural Nepal comes to an end, my last few weeks have been spent visiting the twelve schools I have worked with over the last 22 months, to collect data about improvements in teaching and learning and feedback about the project from the Headteachers of each school. (see blog page 'Success?')

As these visits have been my last to each school, many arranged farewell ceremonies for me, in the traditional Nepali way.  Red tikka powder is smeared on my forehead, a silk scarf (kata) and a garland of flowers (malla) placed around my neck. The kata scarves have beautiful Buddhist symbols on them, for good luck.  It is a lovely way to say goodbye! (However I have found that the tikka has stained my hair - so I now have a red tinted fringe!!)

Little Sisters singing their song .......
At one school a pair of the Little Sisters that I worked with had written a song which they sang for me, and another had written a poem of thanks. At another school a group of Big Sisters sang to me. How blessed and honoured I feel to be treated like this, and sad to say goodbye to such lovely people.

..... and the Big Sisters at another school

Below are some of the photos taken of me during or after these ceremonies.  Sadly from some schools I have no photos.

Overwhelmed by so many garlands.
A Big Sister and Youth Volunteer who had come
to say goodbye
The English teacher reading a letter of appreciation.

Flowers and tikka from every child.

Thank you to all the teachers and headteachers that I have worked with for your friendship and acceptance.  I know many of you have worked hard to make your schools more girl-friendly, so that the Little Sisters actually want to be at school and do well in their education. Keep up the good work!
A fitting quote for the project, found on the wall of one school.

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